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Club de vacaciones

Organizamos nuestros clubes de vacaciones durante las vacaciones escolares de cada semestre y trimestre, ¡lo que le da a su hijo la oportunidad de mantenerse activo!

Ya sea que esté reservando como una fuente confiable de cuidado infantil o simplemente quiera que su hijo tenga unos días fuera de la casa y se mueva, podemos garantizarle que llegará a casa sonriendo. Nuestros clubes de vacaciones son una provisión OFSTED registrada, lo que significa que puede pagar con sus vales de cuidado de niños y puede estar seguro de que recibirán un cuidado de alta calidad.

Football Evolution Poster - 13th to 17th February, 8.30 to 5 pm, for 4 to 11 year olds. £22.50. Our football evolution holiday programme is for children who want to have fun, developing their skills whilst playing football.
Curious Minds - February Holiday Club Poster - 13th to 17th February, 8.30 to 5 pm, for 4 to 11 year olds. £22.50. Children will take part in making a range of STEM activities such as: designing and building your own car, gloop, lego challenge, colour experiements and paper building blocks..

Additional Information

Drop off, and Collection: 8:30 am to 9 am, and children need to be collected between 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Football Evolution Equipment:  PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR CHILD WEARS SHIN PADS & CORRECT FOOTWEAR e.g. Football Boots with plastic screw or moulded studs (no flat shoes including trainers or football boots with metal studs or blades on the 3G).  A SPARE PAIR OF INDOOR SHOES ARE REQUIRED.


What our Parents say ...

Without this I couldn't go to work. I sent my child to another club before I knew about this one. She struggled massively and they wasn't understanding at all. She ended up banned for life. Yes LIFE as a 8 year old.  As we are going through diagnoise with my child lincoln city club have understood her needs and made her very happy and it makes my life easier to be able to still work. She loves the club and so does my other child. She's gutted to have her last club with you in the 6 weeks holiday. Thank you for bottom of my heart. My child feels accepted into this club and its the only one she does as she won't do anymore. Thank you

My Child  loves his days and holiday club and always comes home with lots to tell me. 

Everyone is so friendly and approachable with any questions that I may have. 

I have recommended this holiday club to friends who now have the same views as me.


My Child has attended your holiday club for 5 years and will continue to use until he is no longer old enough. 
Full credit and thanks to all involved.

My boy absolutely loves coming to football evolution and asks us to book him in every holiday!

We were super impressed by the warmth and welcome of the staff, who recognised our child and greeted him whenever they passed - this genuine, personal interest  in our child is what matters most to us!

Evolución del fútbol 

Nuestro NUEVO programa de vacaciones Football Evolution es para niños que quieren divertirse y desarrollar sus habilidades mientras juegan al fútbol. Las actividades siempre tienen un elemento de fútbol, que van desde ejercicios/prácticas progresivas con un tema determinado, como tiros o regates, hasta actividades basadas en juegos y torneos. Separamos a los niños en función de una combinación de capacidad y edad para garantizar que el entorno sea seguro, agradable y de desarrollo para todos.

Principalmente usamos nuestra instalación 3G aquí en el estadio LNER, pero tenemos acceso al espacio interior si el clima juega su parte. Recomendamos que los niños vengan provistos de todo lo que puedan necesitar durante el día, ya sea un sombrero para el verano o capas adicionales para el invierno.  Todos los participantes de estos clubes deben traer su propio almuerzo para llevar y una botella de agua etiquetada, así como entrenadores. Preferiblemente los niños traerán también zapatillas de Astro-turf y/o botas de fútbol. Recomendamos encarecidamente que los niños no traigan objetos de valor.  

Un día típico en Football Evolution podría verse así:

Football Evolution schedule: Arrival/free-play, Games based activities, break, Drills/practices on topic (e.g. shooting or dribbling), Lunch, Drills/practices on topic (e.g. shooting or dribbling), break, tournements, home time